Anyone here do much of that? Iím not a fisherman but wouldnít mind learning a bit about some that would fit my circumstances. I have a boat for which I would like to find more reasons to use in the winter. Itís easy for me to take the boat out into Shilshole bay on a winter morning, but I usually just make a cup of coffee out in the middle and then return. Seems like I should be fishing. But I know very little about the rules and techniques, and I donít want to add a bunch of equipment to the boat like downriggers and such. And I have NO desire to just torture fish for my entertainment by catch and release. If I catch something, I want to take it home and eat it.

And my boat doesnít troll well as itís idle speed is about 3-1/2 knots, unless I put it in and out of gear constantly. So it seems like a form of jigging(?) would work? Would it work? Would it be legal on any winter morning? Should I look for a different hobby?