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I'd love to see universal health care. Health care, not insurance industry help. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, health care costs have risen, and US life expectancy has declined.
That, emphasize 'not'.

as an aside, neither (any of) the ins 'industry' nor medical (hospitals/pharma/clinics/etc) should be 'for profit' - and certainly not be on the stock market - and the ins industry should in no way drive legislation.

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how much would you consider a fair amount to personally pay in taxes each month for universal health care for yourself plus your fellow citizens?
Zero. Let the ATFW start paying their fair share of public support - esp but not solely from the profits of selling the country junk food/too much boob tube/not enough exercise

and see below..

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As far as i know, the US government already spends as much as other western nations on healthcare. Thats the point, between what your government and your private citizens pay for healthcare you have the most expensive system on earth. It's not about spending more, it's about spending smarter, and legislating smarter. (Which doesn't have to be that smart because every other western country has pretty much ironed out all the kinks).
interesting.. I knew the U.S. did.. but does the Gov, alone, do so?

Still, across the board, the wrong people are being taxed in the U.S.