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Thread: Problem with Deks Olje D2

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    Default Problem with Deks Olje D2

    Hi everyone,
    I'm getting some unexpectedly poor results with Deks D2. Fortunately it's on test pieces at the moment so no harm done to the boat!

    Wood is douglas fir. It's thoroughly soaked in D1 (immersed overnight in the tin) and left to dry for about a week.

    On coating with D2 (6 coats, separated by 12 hours that the manufacturer recommends) I get these little speckles or pin-pricks, a bit like there being dust or dirt getting onto it.

    I've done pieces with and without sanding between coats (the manufacturer's recommendation is no sanding). The sanding obviously removes the speckles but they just reoccur on the next coat. Even if I sand it really smooth on the penultimate coat the final coat still shows this same issue. The last photo is the best I've managed and it's still showing it.

    They form immediately - you can see them within a few seconds of brushing, as soon as the bristle marks smooth out.

    The workshop is dry and about 15 to 18C (60 to 65F). Perhaps a little on the cool side, but there are no temperature recommendations for D2 so I didn't think it would matter much.

    I've not seen anyone else complaining of this with D2. Any ideas anyone?
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