For my Shellback dinghy I cut down an old terrylene jib that was given me to make 2 different sized flying jibs. Neither was perfect but both worked and added to the fun, performance and enjoyment of the boat alot.

I generally used the cloth orientated as it was in the original sail (it was also originally a homemade sail)

I have been using these sails on my Gartside 130 for fun and have been enjoying them with much the same results as above,
Recently I purchased jib off of craigslist for $10, the people selling it had been using it as a sunscreen and I could tell by the way it felt that it's days were numbered(THis kind of burns me up..I get why people do it but wrecking an otherwise perfectly good sail..grrr)

It seemed to be roughly a laser 2 jib or from something a little smaller.

11.5' luff, 6' foot.11.8' leech

It just fit on my Lyre (Gartside 130) and though it's foot was cut a little round(tended to flap) and low(set it about 5' above my sprit) it sure made the boat move in light airs and it was nice to have a properly made foresail which sadly at this time I cannot afford to buy new.

The other day I took it out of it's bag and as expected it was falling to rags along the leech, one could grap any part of the sail and tear it like tissue paper.

I have a battered old FJ main that I will never use, strangely in pale red like a mirror sail. It's a well used homely old thing covered with old club markings, very lightweight but the cloth seems decent.

My plan is to lay this jib atop the FJ main (as they are airfoils in the same orientation) and cut this sail out of it. probably preserving the bolt rope on the FJ main as my luff rope. I have grommets, sewing machine etc, proper thread etc.

I will probably be cutting the foot a little higher and slightly less round

My question is (knowing this is a less than ideal situation and I am doing it for fun):

-for the best results, should I use the tack corner of the FJ main and start from the bottom (have one corner already made and mostly avoid batten pockets),

-or should I use the middle of the sail.(as shown in the picture)

-or does it even matter at all and I should just do what's easiest

At this point being a stupid broke musician I can't afford a new one, or even a reasonably priced used one. I have been nosing around local sail clubs to see what they have but so far so luck.IMG_4015.jpg