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Thread: Boat wooden floor scratches

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    Default Boat wooden floor scratches

    Hi to all,

    on the wooden floor of my boat (Menorquin, dated 2004) there are several scratches/small holes. See the picture.
    How do I fix them? I have no experience and no ideas.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Boat wooden floor scratches

    Welcome aboard!
    This is inside the cabin? I might just spot sand them and refinish.

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    Default Re: Boat wooden floor scratches

    Your odds of getting an even color match are better if you strip the existing finish completely. Use a chemical stripper.

    Be very gentle in the sanding. That veneer is paper thin.

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    Default Re: Boat wooden floor scratches

    we duz call that a sole
    teak and holly, a bill of goods sold to yachtmen
    fine sand and several thin coats of poly varnish.
    odds are the sole never had a lick of maintainance
    they will never be completely gone...charactebr /> Bruce

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    Default Boat wooden floor scratches

    That is plywood faced with a teak and holly veneer.

    How big is the entire sole in the area that is scratched? It may be easier and quicker and achieve a better result by simply replacing the piece.

    This wont be the cheapest method, and I realize we are a DIY group, but I thought I would present the option.
    Plus that veneer is only 1/16 inch thick sk so it wont take much sanding.

    Let is know what you do.


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