The seven y.o. budget Samsung Galaxy J5 was at the point it needed a thrice daily battery top up, and was getting annoyingly slow and glitchy too - and I have a high tolerance for slow, because I hate throwing away things that still work. It's stable mate, an almost as old Tab S2 tablet was only slightly better.
I splurged yesterday, replaced them both, Samsung again, but higher-end models this time around.

The nice surprise was how totally painless transferring files, accounts, settings from old to new was. The whole lot went across on both devices in a few minutes. I hadn't been looking forward to that part.
The only thing I don't like is the physical size of the new phone, it's a little too big to shirt pocket, but wow, the cameras (plural) are orders of magnitude better than what it's replaced, and not having to put it on life support first thing in the morning is a bit of a novelty .

Anyway, this the first post on the new tablet, proof of life . Should've done this a couple of years ago really.