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Thread: Learn to sail at 75?

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    Go for it. My doctor says boatbuilding prevents dementia by requiring us to solve complex problems (I'm 74). He wants to see pictures of my build at every visit. Learning to sail is great mental and physical activity. Keep those brain cells and muscles working!
    "George Washington as a boy
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    I'm now 74 and learned to sail only 15 years ago, so sometimes I still feel like a beginner.

    After building and owning five boats, though, one firm conclusion I've reached about mature-person sailing is that I don't enjoy sailing a dinghy any more. Two reasons: The hassles of trailering and the time-suck of rigging at the launch. Well, there's a third: Except in the most benign conditions, sailing a dinghy is not relaxing. As the crew (meaning you) constitutes the ballast, constant alertness and a certain agility is required. I'm reasonably agile for my age, but I really appreciate the greater security of a ballasted keelboat. I reef early and opt to stay home in forecasted challenging conditions. I'm not a racer and have no need to prove anything, except that I can get myself and any guests home safely.

    Jeff Patrick mentions his Somes Sound 12 1/2 above, which is ballasted and beamy (and stunningly beautiful) and might be a good boat for you to consider. It would not be an easy build, though, and unless you have the option of keeping it in a marina or a private dock, it would take considerable time to rig every time you go sailing. This is the thing about boats: there's never a perfect solution. You just have to go for it, adapt, and enjoy imperfection.

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