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Thread: From Our Son's and Daughters Playlists

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    Default From Our Son's and Daughters Playlists

    Jay In Oz requested some favourite music so yes, true to character I'll get a round tuit. In the mean time as some observers from afar might surmise we could be labeled as a crusty old bunch. Of course as we all know nothing could be further from the truth. We are a switched on diverse bunch of characters with the dexterity and flexibility of a show girl contortionist!
    Anyway on offer in this thred are a song or two a day from my kids playlist. Three of the blighters are regular DJ's at friends parties, Melbourne pubs and music venues etc so I have requested they send me a song or two for this thread. That should bring us up to speed! A few no doubt will be from the vaults of the 70's but Im looking forward to what they have to offer us. Anyone who likes can do the same and put forward examples strictly from your offspring's playlist, grandkids included for the relevant demographic, for our listening pleasure. For those who don't have kids, any young'n you know will do.

    To ease us all into what at times may be unfamiliar territory here is my youngest son Casey's contribution as a thread starter.....hopefully not a thread killer!!

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