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    Default BYU and bigotry

    Recently, BYU (an institution run by the Mormon Church) played a football game at Oregon. Some of the rowdier fans - aka the 'Pit Crew' - chanted "Eff You BYT" at the folks from BYU. The ensuing outrage from the BYU side was impressive. And I agree... the Oregon students were over the top.

    But I also said at the time that - in addition to the fairness of their complaint - it should be noted as ironic. Because BYU and their fans have very little standing to cry about bigotry. Their racial discrimination - church, university, teams, and fans has long been noted by their opponents. It's even been joked that BYU stand for 'Bigotry Yes University'.

    Whataboutism does NOT excuse bad behavior. But knowing the history does highlight the hypocrisy.

    If you're interested, you can dig up example after example. Here's one that just floated across my news feed --

    ‘Stand Up, N-Words’: More Athletes Accuse Brigham Young University Crowd of Racism
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