Good day everyone. My first post here.

I am in the middle of building a 10ft pram from a kit. The boat is Ozona X. It is a nesting pram that can be sailed. The boat is actually quite nice. The pans call for a balanced lug, however, I am doing it with "cat boat"/sloop design. Someone had given me a mast with a boom from an old laser and I purchased a modified "Super Sunfish" sail kit from sailrite to reduce it to the same 70sq ft sail area that the balanced lug would have been. The foot is now roughly 7.5ft with the sleeve luff of just over 15ft.

Here is my question. While I know my personal reasons for changing the rig style, I would like to know from others how will the boat might perform differently when changing sail type? Any thoughts on running rigging? Any other considerations?

Thank you all for the time.