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Thread: 3-Point Sports Hydro Plans

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    As I move closer to retirement, I've been looking for plans for another outboard cruiser with a "retro" look, and really haven't cared for what is available. I finally found some plans I believe are complete enough to build, however they were little more than some blurry scans from a 1963 copy of "Science and Mechanics". Anyways, I downloaded a copy of Siemens Solid Edge 2D (It's Freeware) and commenced to learning the basics of CAD.

    After a week of trial and error, cursing, and some research on Youtube, I figured out the software well enough to create usable plans at 100% size, complete with dimensions saved as PDFs which can be printed at an print shop on a large-format plotter. They are uploaded to Google Drive at the links below if anyone cares to play around with them.



    Sports Hydro PDF

    Full Plans Including CAD in a zip file

    Full-Sized PDF Only
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    Have fun!

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    Thanks Thad. I'm just thrilled I was able to figure out Solid Edge well enough to digitize some full-sized plans.

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    Hello IS,

    Nice to see that you're getting ready to build another boat.

    I looked at the the pages from S&M and it looks like quite an nifty boat and also appears it will be interesting to build!

    Good Luck!


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