Hi, I have a 20' Bartender boat with 50 hp Suzuki in a well. The problem I'm having is whenever I get some eelgrass around the bottom of the outboard it will start to cavitate and send the rpms way up. Then I will have to stop the boat and clear the stuff from around the prop. It is a real pain in the butt. We get these eelgrass clumps floating all around here(San Juan islands) most of the year it seems. It doesn't happen at slower speed. I wonder if other people have had this problem with there outboards. As far as I can tell other boats around here don't seen to be having a problem. I have moved the cavitation plate down as low as it can go to see if that would helip. Nope. I try and avoid the stuff when I can see it but it is hard miss sometimes.

Anyone else have this problem?