Advice please: Have been using the #1 of this 2-part system but am looking for more durability. I now have #1 plus 2 coats of #2 per the instructions on my bowsprit and it is not inspiring any confidence. I can push my thumb into it and move the skin horizontally over uncured gook underneath. After I applied the #1 I waited about 40 hours: the rags I used had stiffened and the surface felt dry, so I figured it was cured. The can says apply a "rich" coat of #2, which I did, waited 24 hours, the weather has been excellent: sunny, 65 degrees, light wind, but the first coat seemed softer than I have ever applied a second coat of anything to. But I figured I didn't really know this stuff so I went ahead with a second coat of #2, much lighter this time. I gave that coat two days, weather still excellent, but I can scratch it off with my fingernail down to the #1 coat. Tell me what is happening. I have trouble thinking this coating should be so soft.