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Thread: Immigration and Ken Burns' latest documentary

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    Default Immigration and Ken Burns' latest documentary

    I don't know how many here have seen it... but like most of his stuff, it's really outstanding... well as scary and shame provoking.

    The depiction of the desperation of the Jews in Germany, Poland, and nearby countries in the face of the Nazi onslaught in the years just prior to WWII, is an oft-told story... but the isolation, anti-Semitism, and refusal of Americans to consider the plight of those people was a shameful era in American History; no doubt books on the subject are being banned, as we speak, in some states where white Christian nationalism is a growing threat.

    As they sometimes say, history doesn't repeat... but it rhymes... and it's rhyming right now, with desperate Venezuelans, trying to escape the horrors of the dictatorship in that country, applying for asylum. And just like in the years preceding WWII, American is doing now what it's done in the past, namely, turning a deaf ear to the anguish. A short news clip I watched this morning was an interview with four young Venezuelan men, who took two entire months to walk to the Mexican/US border to apply for asylum, telling about the absolute horrors they witnessed during their escape.

    As I watched the first episode, I just couldn't believe that this country is repeating our shame.

    Open the damn doors. Throughout our history, immigrants have been the ones to build this country, and we have a not unlimited, but nonetheless massive capacity, to take them in. They become good citizens, work hard commit fewer crimes than native born Americans, pay taxes, and assimilate well within less than a generation. They are the people who are often more patriotic, and love this country, than many of us who were born here.
    "Reason and facts are sacrificed to opinion and myth. Demonstrable falsehoods are circulated and recycled as fact. Narrow minded opinion refuses to be subjected to thought and analysis. Too many now subject events to a prefabricated set of interpretations, usually provided by a biased media source. The myth is more comfortable than the often difficult search for truth."

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    Default Re: Immigration and Ken Burns' latest documentary

    Couple hundred planeloads of Russians?
    If Russia wins, there will be no Ukraine; if Ukraine wins, there will be a new Russia.

    -- Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine

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    Default Re: Immigration and Ken Burns' latest documentary

    The Right will welcome them, already used to an authoritarian reperessive regime that tells political lies, and they are white………...

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