Recently I was eyeballing a lovely 12' lapstrake boat found on the side of the road the other day. Nicely built little thing, I remember seeing it at a local fundraising auction several years ago, I don't think it has been in the water since and it is now back on the block for another fundraising effort. There is a through-and through crack in the first plank below the waterline that might or might not take up after putting the boat back in the water. I gently explained to the other old codger looking at the boat why simply spooging epoxy in the crack probably wasn't the best way to fix it and went on my way. But then I started thinking about how to best fix that plank if it didn't take up or got worse.

Looking closely I can see the builder used clench nails to fasten the laps, how does one go about removing those nails to fit a new plank? Screws back out, rivets you grind the peen off and drive out, but those bent-over nails look like they would be a serious PITA to remove and could easily cause a fair bit of damage to the good planks on either side. There's got to be a way, right?