Oh my. The World Champion resigns the game after making only one move! This was his second game vs. American Hans Niemann in the last month.

Magnus Carlsen resigns from match after one move as chess storm intensifies

By Des Bieler
September 20, 2022 at 8:11 a.m. EDT

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen stunningly withdrew Monday after making just one move in a match against a 19-year-old American, Hans Niemann. The episode added a new chapter to a storyline that has gripped the chess world and beyond, one that involves suggestions that Niemann cheated in a recent victory against the Norwegian grandmaster.

The two were playing an online match Monday in the Julius Baer Generation Cup, using the Chess24 platform via Microsoft Teams, when Carlsen’s webcam suddenly switched off while he was on the clock for his second move.

“What happened? That’s it?” exclaimed Peter Leko, a grandmaster who was providing analysis on the feed.

“Wow — speechless, yeah?” Leko said.

Carlsen, 31, was leading the tournament in the early going at the time. The Julius Baer Generation Cup is the seventh event on the nine-tournament Champions Chess Tour, which runs from February until November. Carlsen is in first place in the series, while Niemann ranks 16th.