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Thread: Annoying harmonic tone in water piping

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    Default Annoying harmonic tone in water piping

    We had a hot water recirculating system installed since it was taking too long for the water to heat up at the extreme ends of the house. The pump for it is mounted on top of the water heater.

    The system works fine, but it has an annoying harmonic hum that is irritatiing me. The installer pumber says nothing much can be done about it. When I put a 3lb lead diver's weight on top of the Taco pump, it helps kill ancillary vibration noise from the pump, but the piping itself is still humming. When I hand squeeze the pipe insulation just before the pump, it does knock the hum down a touch.

    Query: what can I do about this? Clamp a weight the pipe to change the harmonic frequency? Or?
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