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I keep my sailboat on a mooring. It could easily be taken in the middle of the night without the theft being seen by anyone. But of more concern to me is that it may break free from the mooring, or the mooring may simply break. Then my boat goes adrift and likely will land on a beach somewhere. The authorities are called.... without an identifying number, who's gonna know who owns the Somes Sound sailboat? Matter of fact, who's gonna know it's a Somes Sound anyway? The number is the only thing that has a chance of reuniting my boat with me. That's why it's on my boat.

But if your boat is registered, it has an identification number anyway, stuck to the hull, right? As in "WS1122VF"? I would think that's more than enough.

That said, there's a lot to be said about following the letter of the law to avoid unpleasantness, for sure. Why give people an excuse to harass or fine you?