Snooseís foredeck leaks. The original 2Ē fir planks just come and go too much with seasonal changes. A few years ago I had it professionally recaulked, didnít help much. At one point I sanded it down and flooded it with linseed oil on the advice of someone who said planks that old need oil replaced. Didnít help. This time of year I can look up from below and see daylight through the seams. By Spring, itíll be tight again. But the summer and fall rains and rough water over the bow, make the foícísle uninhabitable. And thatís where the main v berth is. Sam Devlin suggested a German made clear goop that he used on Josephine that he said solved 90% of the problem. Not sure 90% is enough.

Iíve plywood, glass and epoxied all the other decks and cabin tops and they are now gloriously dry below. But Iím having a hard time bringing myself to give up the looks of the bright finished foredeck. To me that is one of her best looking features. But if I plywood/glass and paint it, life would be sooo much more pleasant while cruising. So unless someone has some better idea, I guess I have to do it.

Just finished the plywood/glass on the trunk cabin top, trim not yet reinstalled in this photo.

Really hate to have to paint this.