Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and am researching to build a sail/oar dinghy.

I love the idea of building an Oughtred Skerrieskiff, Oughtred Elf, CLC Skerry or Selway Fisher Medway Doble 15. (All those boats also look great.)

I'd love to have a boat that has a simple rig, can be trailed, launched and recovered very easily, and can be rowed or sailed equally efficiently in shallow tidal waters. And it would be an enormous accomplishment to build it myself.

What's holding me back is cost... I'm on a shoestring, or, more precisely, my other half doesn't want me to take 2,000 pounds to build a boat when we have two second-hand dinghies anyway (and can buy any number of old wrecks for two/three hundred pounds and be done with it).

So I'm trying to think laterally.

Those designs I mention above are some of the cheapest and most elegant designs out there. Correct me if I've overlooked a prettier and cheaper/better/lighter sail/oar skerry or dory... honestly, I'd love to hear! (Admittedly, the CLC Skerry and SF Medway Doble will be easier to build than the two Oughtred designs... but the Skerrieskiff is Oughtred's simplest design and the Elf is cheap in kit form from Jordan Boats at about 700 pounds.)

One thing that has occurred to me is that there are hundreds of old wooden Mirror masts, gaffs and sails out there and that the Mirror's sail area (main = 50 sq ft, gib = 20 sq ft) is an approximate match for any of the boats above.

I am clutching at straws a bit, but would any of those boats above work with a Mirror rig?

I can build a spankingly beautiful rowing version... and then economise on the rig by fitting an old wooden mast and tan sails Mirror rig from Ebay. I love sailing, but it's only estuary crawling single-handed, not racing or showing off...

Thanks for views!