Hi - new member to the forum Recently completed (ok, still have to varnish) building my first wooden boat after a week up at WBS in Maine. Have a beautiful kayak to poke around in.

Now the kids (7 and 9) really want to build something, and I want to do it with them. Am looking for something I can put on the dingy dock, so have a 10' limitation.

Other than that, key criteria is really overall stability. I'd love to be able to throw the two kids, and sometimes the dog, and run over to the local island. Fortunately, it's a short ride through protected waters. Also, I'm guessing the kids will take it on their own some as well.

Beyond that, I'm looking for something relatively easy to build - I'd really like to have it in the water next summer.

I've done a bunch of looking, and am leaning toward the Fast Garvey 10 from Boat Builder Central: https://www.boatbuildercentral.com/p...at-plans-gv10/

Should be quick to build, and I can get a CNC kit to simplify. Anything else I should be looking at?

Thank you!