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Thread: The origin of College Debt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Hunter View Post
    On the other hand Reagan is completely responsible for the current war in Ukraine.
    Bingo! Darn right he is!
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    I think a number of factors have put upward pressure on the cost of college in recent years. Simple supply and demand - there are many more attending college these days. The ease of borrowing money with the taxpayers as co-signers has certainly made it easy for colleges to raise prices. Colleges seem to have huge bureaucracies these days. Entire departments for things like “inclusion”, “diversity”, “equity”, etc. Colleges have also added all kinds of resort like amenities to differentiate themselves. I was stunned in the differences between my college dining hall experiences in the 70s and my kids’ more recent experience. Lots of obvious reasons for the increasing costs and probably lots that aren’t as easy to identify. We were fortunate that both of our kids earned full tuition scholarships. We only had to cover their living expenses. One was at an expensive private school and the other at a very well regarded state school. Both got great jobs when they graduated and have been completely self sufficient.

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