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Thread: The Kiwi PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boatbum View Post
    It's one of those "you can see both sides" types of arguments. You want your head of state to be serious an focused. You definitely don't want to think of them as doing a line of coke before they decide how to manage inflation or the next pandemic.
    What do you thinK TFG was doing every night? There's a reason he was tweeting like a coke-addled psychopath at 0400 every morning.

    I just want to know how his dealer was getting the stuff through White House security.

    That's a more impressive feat than JFK getting his party girls into the White House.
    You would not enjoy Nietzsche, sir. He is fundamentally unsound. — P.G. Wodehouse (Carry On, Jeeves)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsie View Post
    I can't understand the longevity of the story.
    Still in international papers nearly a week on.
    It's August..

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    The 'old white politicians' supporters are upset about being derided

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    Sanna Marin is good looking and videos of her partying makes good TV. I identify as a conservative and have no problems at all with a partying, young and female prime minister. I prefer to watch her than
    to watch Russian foreign minister Lavrov or some other old fart.
    I wonder who's upset. In my country I would have guessed women from her own party who set unreasonable standards. They've had tendency to eat their own.

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    Some of the worst enforcers of the double standard are indeed women. Stockholm syndrome, or perhaps too emotionally invested in the status quo. Religion doesn't help either.

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