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Thread: Never Sell Your Boat Locally

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    Quote Originally Posted by soap94 View Post
    I guess you can apply the same approach to all things, especially if you live in a suburban area. My friend live in Wisconsin Dells (it's basically a small town 7k<) and he sold his mustang which at that time used to have a unique color way. It hurts to see this car at the local Walmart.
    Is he a Dukh Driver? Does he run the go kart track?

    "If it ain't broke, you're not trying." - Red Green

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geftb View Post
    To love and to have lost, is better than to never have loved at all.
    canít remember where I read this years ago? But I find it is true, hurt and all.
    Canto XXVII of In Memoriam for A.H.H. by Tennyson

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    If youíve got a real emotional investment in the boat, and donít need to get every possible dollar for it, you can be more selective about a prospective ownerís intentions and capabilities. Itís like putting your child up for adoption.
    I own several small boats that I built and like and havenít used much recently. If and when they leave me, theyíll go to someone worthy.

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    My last wooden sailing boat i sold to a gentleman who appreciated her & looked after her, in turn he sold her to a guy who owns a large marina, I am told she looks great!
    On the other hand our subsequent yacht an Anderson 22 (Grp)... I did a massive refit to sort her out & when we outgrew her after 7 years I sold her to a fellow club member.
    Nice bloke but he has trashed her with terminal neglect over the last ten years. The worst thing is she was immaculate & her mooring is 50 yards away from our current boat. So every time we leave the mooring i have to see her covered in bird crap & green grime. I have to look the other way.

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