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Thread: Bad Ju-Ju Much?

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    Default Bad Ju-Ju Much?

    Seems like an invitation to have a lot of angry ghosts.

    The Tombstone House
    Petersburg, Virginia

    A home built with marble tombstones from the graves of 2,200 Union soldiers buried in a Virginia cemetery.

    THE TOMBSTONE HOUSE IN PETERSBURG, Virginia is a wonderful example of waste not, want not. Or is it waste not, haunt-not? Only the owners would know.

    Though it may look like a typical stone house, its foundation has macabre origins. The building was constructed in 1934 from the bottom half of government-issued marble tombstones that previously topped the graves of Union soldiers in Poplar Lawn Cemetery.

    The soldiers all died in the siege of Petersburg, which lasted for nine months at the end of the Civil War. They were eventually buried at Poplar Lawn Cemetery. After their original wooden grave markers rotted away, the government installed upright marble headstones to take their place.

    However, during the Great Depression, maintaining the cemetery and the headstones suffered because of scant funding. The city decided to cut the tombstones in half and lay the top halves, which were engraved with the soldiers’ details, on the ground so they no longer stood erect. These makeshift flat graves saved money on mowing and maintenance costs.

    The bottom halves of 2,200 slain tombstones were then sold for the princely sum of $45. Their new owner, Oswald Young, used them to build his house, chimney, and walkway.
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    Default Re: Bad Ju-Ju Much?

    You want ghosts, that’s how you get ghosts.

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    Default Re: Bad Ju-Ju Much?

    Difficult to do an addition...

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    Maybe not badjuju, but definitely bad taste.

    The Ignore feature, lowering blood pressure since 1862. Ahhhhhhh.

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    Amazing sign of disrespect.

    Another example of a Southerner still fighting the Civil War??
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    Geez guys, they kept the part with all the information. The rest of it is just rocks.

    But no, I wouldn't want to buy the house either; too weird.
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    zactly, now if the house was covered in names and dates that would be weird

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