Hello Friends, I am writing to get your advice on how to proceed with the hull restoration on our 1967 "Folkeboot Junior," a Danish traditional keel boat that is sitting in our driveway on its trailer. I've started scraping the hull to see how things look. Before I start painting or caulking anything, I thought I'd get some advice from trusted sources.

So I had thought I would upload a few pictures but I can't get that to work. Meanwhile, here are some descriptions. Boat is from 1967 and about 19' long overall. All wood 'clinker' or clapboard construction with a lead keel. If you google 'folkeboot' you'll see the larger version of our boat. This was meant to sail the North Sea and the Baltic Sea so it's a sloop keel boat with a 30' mast and 15 square meters of sail area.

The boat has been painted (poorly) topsides and below the waterline. I've seen these boats with black antifouling paint like mine, but also with white and other colors. So I wanted to change from black to white, if only because the paint would absorb less heat from the sun and cause less movement of the wood. I've bought appropriate anti-fouling paint.

There's evidence of poor caulking in the past but no critical rot so far. The largest fissures I'm finding are perhaps up to 1/32" apart from the seams between several clapboard courses which were caulked with what looks like silicone bathtub caulk. All of this has been removed and the hull is ready to be sealed.

I would really like to "dry sail" this boat since it is so nicely portable on its trailer. I'm getting close to "paint time" so please let me know any suggestions! Should I go through the hull with caulking before painting? There's evidence of running aground and some areas of the keel edge (?skeg?) where the wood could be reinforced. There's a brass rail that runs from the bow along the entire edge down to the lead keel. If I do nothing but paint, this area will show cracks but there won't be any water going very far. If I am always dry sailing, and then hauling out after a few days or a week, I was hoping to keep an eye on everything and see how she's doing. In that respect anything I do now, I would want to be delicate enough that I can augment/modify later.

Thanks for any help!

Regards, Erik