View Poll Results: What age category do you claim to fit in?

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  • 20 - 30

    1 0.66%
  • 30 - 40

    2 1.32%
  • 40 - 50

    12 7.89%
  • 50 - 60

    30 19.74%
  • 60 - 70

    51 33.55%
  • and up

    56 36.84%
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Thread: Age of members poll

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    'been so long I forgot what a lid was. But I never got into retail much. Kilo's were the only cost effective way.
    Trippin down memory lane. You ever hold a kilo? From Michoacán? I have.
    But even today Ramona is agin it.


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    A brick...

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    I thought the age category curve was a bit of a sad sight, no one in the very young category, so I claim to be part of the 20-30 group.
    In reality, 62.

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    Done 73 laps around Sol (so far), 1/3 along on 74th. 50-ish in my head; my body tells me I’m not, too often.
    I prefer true but imperfect knowledge, even if it leaves much undetermined and unpredictable, to a pretence of exact knowledge that is likely to be false

    Frederich von Hayek 1974 Nobel Prize lecture

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    63. I remember my old man building his wooden sailfish from a kit. The first real sailboat was a Rhodes 19.
    Getting ready for my second hip replacement and the shoulder that I had rebuilt when I was 19 is gonna need some work soon...

    Cant complain. My cousins and I were talking recently about how we are in much better shape than our dads were at our age.

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