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    anyone interested in building this near sydney, Building the Rosehill Packet | Let's welcome our new members: | Facebook

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    Default Re: Rosehil Packet[0]=AZUOkeJBJNEwk-CN_eKNSSV8SU_CCLEKvXIhQ8XrNUFWei-sgmhVSCvLBnU3l0cvl17t2xYvm64ok9aCJOkMAFZlenOVtU6ac 2b59sX1qwdl0lm9BSKvUvzX-KRRhbVPeqChIxZ7wvGEzi9AKX6WlVZ8&__tn__=H-R

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    [COLOR=var(--primary-text)]As suggested by Phil Howson a meeting is to be held in the Garden Room of the Paragon Hotel in Loftus Street at Circular Quay - Just above the Boatyard where the RHP was built in 1789 - at 2pm Monday next 25 July. Please come along and give us the benefit of your experience.[/COLOR]

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