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Thread: Lashing sail to mast

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    Default Lashing sail to mast

    I have run out of things to do on my Ohio Sharpie. I guess I am compelled to get it wet. So, there I will be sitting in my now floating boat, masts stepped, with two bags of sails and some lashing line. Start at the peak, or the tack? What do I do first, and second and so on? Once lashed, raised, and sailed, I suppose I will leave the sail lashed but poke it into the bag when lowered. I want to know the procedure to save time inventing it myself.

    I have studied the photos of Steve Brookman's sharpie under sail. He seems to have used both spiral and skip lashing and the sails look nice and smooth for either.

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    Start at the top, lace it back and forth.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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