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Thread: Oar handles too small?

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    Default Oar handles too small?

    My Gartside #130 came with a lovely looking pair of 9'3" oars
    They are almost so pretty I don't want to use them!
    The main thing is they have quite small diameter handles.
    I'm used to the beefier handles on the Barkley Sound oars on my shellback
    If I want to make them a little bigger can I just wrap them with cord (whipping)or leather?

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    Default Re: Oar handles too small?

    No reason why not.
    It really is quite difficult to build an ugly wooden boat.

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    Default Re: Oar handles too small?

    Is it possible that they were shaped to use rubber grips?
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    Default Re: Oar handles too small?

    I have some Concept 2 oars with the green hand grips and they feel fine.
    The shaft they mount on is .995" diameter. I have no idea if they would be practical for wood oars.
    Leather seems like an easy way to go. Wrap some temporarily on with thread while you experiment with smooth side out vs. rough, etc.
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