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    My Ohio Sharpie is only a week or two from launching, but something has happened which I don't like. In just the last week since it has been exposed to the sun, blisters have erupted on the deck.

    The deck is 1/4 plywood with Xynole cloth layed down with epoxy. The epoxy is System Three general purpose resin and activator, ratio two to one as recommended. After the epoxy curried I painted it with Behr water based porch and deck paint, nearly white. I did the same the procedure and materials for the sides and bottom, dark green. That was more than two years ago.

    Some wrinkles did appear after a long while on a few places on the bottom and deck. I scraped down, but not through, the Xynole. The wrinkles were a bit gooey. I then wiped the area with acetone, applied a thin coat of epoxy, then System Three Quickfair, sanded, and painted. These areas seem ok now. All of this fussing was in my garage in Georgia two years ago.

    Now the boat is on horses in Rhode Island and exposed to the sun for the first time. What is going on? What to do?

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    I’ll guess the culprit is the miracle water based product.water went through it or got under it
    The best part of it is trying to grind it off.
    gums up a five dollar disc in five seconds

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