I've read much about having to use green scrubbers to wash hulls that are fiberglassed using epoxy, to get rid of amine blush. (cured epoxy)

Since boats are normally built indoors, often in garages, how does one wash the hull without water getting on the garage floor and then spreading out to get everything on the garage floor wet? Not to mention the garage floor getting super slippery by the water and soap agent used being a safety hazzard.

I'm asking because if I coat my boat's hull with epoxy and let it cure prior to applying the cloth, I would need to scrub the hull and rinse it off in our carport.

I realize that cloth can be laid over the bare wood and then epoxy applied, but I'm asking about applying epoxy on the bare wood first and letting the epoxy cure. Then laying the cloth on the hull and appying another coat of epoxy.