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Thread: Insurance for historic wooden boat

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    Default Insurance for historic wooden boat

    Hey Sailors -

    We are a non-profit and want to voyage a historic wooden boat around the Great Loop.

    We are having trouble getting insurance (despite having had it for the past six years)

    All we really want is liability.

    Any suggestions ??


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    Default Re: Insurance for historic wooden boat

    Is the vessel US registered? US boat insurance is totally messed up right now due to recent hurricanes supposedly. Liability only is not really profitable and policies are now very expensive if available at all. Wooden boats, big boats, and old boats having the most trouble. My insurance company told me they no longer wish to insure me, after giving them thousands of dollars with no claims. Most foreign companies will not insure US boats as we have about the worst liability laws of any nation.

    But I still think your best bet is a foreign company. Most places insurance is easily available, maybe you can find one that will work with you. In Mexico you can get liability only policies online in a few minutes at great price. But it's only valid in mexico.....

    It's a frustrating situation for sure.

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    Default Re: Insurance for historic wooden boat

    if the boat is owned by a non-profit or LLC of some kind, what sort of assets would the liability-only insurance be protecting ???
    i guess it's a nihilist's take; but if you can't get insurance, maybe there's no point having it ?

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    Default Re: Insurance for historic wooden boat

    You might be able to insure the activity, but not the boat. I.E., a liability insurance policy for the non-profit, members of which just happen to live on a boat will doing their non-profit thing.

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