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Thread: Problem with posting article

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    Default Problem with posting article

    Hi -

    I wrote an article over 20 years ago about building light hollow shaft oars using the bird's mouth technique. It was published in Messing About in Boats in 2001. Article is long out of print; indeed the magazine itself is no longer.

    I still to this day get inquiries about how to get ahold of the article. I have a PDF that I send out to anyone who asks for one. I just sent one off this morning. I would like to publish it here on the forum so anyone can use it, but when I try to send it, I get a message that it is far too big, being 5.9 megabytes, way over the limit.

    Is there any way I can accomplish this? I could send a Word version(much smaller) in, but it would not have the pictures and tables of the profiles, etc. A picture is, I've been told, worth a thousand words.

    Anybody clue me in? Thanks,

    Joel Herzel

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    Default Re: Problem with posting article

    Can you break it up into smaller chunks so that you can post several consecutive chapters, one per post to your thread?
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    Default Re: Problem with posting article

    I stick stuff like that, as well as music recordings and occasional videos in my Dropbox account, which was free. You can keep them private or post links so that folks can see them. So far it has worked pretty well as far as I can tell.


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