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Thread: DeWalt cordless multi tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron ll View Post
    Ben, maybe you got a better Fein than I did. I just now did a decibel meter test on them both. This is a meter that has been calibrated by my audiologist, and I took care to have the tools the same distance from the meter.
    My original corded Fein Multi tool = 104.2 dB avg.
    my new DeWalt cordless (on highest speed) = 89.3 dB avg.
    Interesting, I wonder if the Dewalt has improved since I bought mine, as it's considerably noisier than the Fein. My Fein is the second generation as the first one was so worn out that it cost more to fix than getting the second generation at super discount from the distributor/ repair shop. Or maybe the second gen Fein is quieter than the first. It does have a much faster tool changer.
    Ben Fuller
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    Quote Originally Posted by David G View Post
    And Makita is still one of the leaders in cordless tools. It is one battery platform I am still running, along with Milwaukee. With those two already in place, for me DeWalt would be a needless duplication. But if I were starting with no prior platform investment... DeWalt is certainly one I'd consider. No one mfgr. builds the very best of every single tool, so it would partly depend on what specific suite of tools I was aiming to amass... and overall brand reliability... and which brands offer the widest range of cordless tools for their platform.

    One demerit for DeWalt - my shop used to contract with them to beta-test their new tools. During that time, they came up with some excellent kit. And they came out with some head-scratchingly bad gear. All over the map. And my overall impression is that is still - at least somewhat - the case.
    I'm just starting the process of setting up a new workshop, which I've not got yet as I'm still house hunting. But I had a mix of corded and cordless power tools, most of which were close to their use by date so I twisted the arm of the guy at the local hardware, which by the way is a really good, family owned and run old fashioned hardware store, and have just bought a pretty complete kit of Makita 18volt tools.
    Jigsaw, multitool, 125mm random orbital sander, circular saw, drill driver, 2x 3 ah batteries and 2 5 ah batteries, a standard charger and a fast charger.
    Got a nice carry bag thrown in with the deal.

    I've also bought a corded, 550 watt, 150mm high material removal rate Rupes RAS. Its got a 9mm orbit and really tears the material off. Thats for sanding off hulls.

    So now I just need to find a house with a big shed so I can get back to work.

    Anyone want some very cheap Ryobi tools? I hope to never have to sully my hands with those again.

    John Welsford
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