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Thread: Design for cooler/icebox? Yeti who?

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    Default Design for cooler/icebox? Yeti who?

    Before I re-invent the wheel, wondering if anyone knows of a design for a cooler. I envision sandwiching 2Ē thick expanded styrene (panel) foam with inner and outer marine ply shells sealed with - you guessed it - epoxy. There would be an outer box lined with the foam, and an inner box that would contain ice and food. Well, beer. With a drain in the bottom that would harmlessly drain off the melted ice into the splash well. I will be making this a drop-in affair in the back deck of my Ninigret runabout, above the splash well that surrounds the inboard motor well. I also wonder whether I should build the inner and outer box affair, tie them together, and inject the foam to totally eliminate voids. I tight-fitting lid with a gasket and the right latches is key as well. I can obviously adapt a good design to my situation. I see this as a potentially a poke in the eye of Yeti - which are ridiculously expensive. Cursory surfing on You Tube etc is not helpful so far. After reading this I realize Iím well on my way to designing this already. Ideas and hearing about othersí experience, if any, much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Design for cooler/icebox? Yeti who?

    Mud season ain't over 'til the dog s*** is gone... I have taken down the sap buckets though.

    Anyway - cooler. Mine is built in, but the former owner built it with about 2" of spray foam & it'll stay cold for days. Having it next to the hull in cold Maine water definitely helps & I haven't seen any rot issues. Make sure it's closed cell foam (whether you go with board or spray) - it's about double the R value of open cell.
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    Default Re: Design for cooler/icebox? Yeti who?

    Here's one I'm building into the galley of my catboat. It's 3/8" marine plywood, glassed and painted inside, surrounded with 2" blueboard and wrapped with duct tape. No drain because I'll fill it with cold packs. The top has yet to go on and there will be a hatch in the countertop. There are wire racks that go inside.

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