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    I follow this forum from time to time. I have misc stuff, several pairs of bronze oar locks, pintle and grudgeon set, just cleaning out stuff. Can I offer it here or where coud I post things. Not a lot but it is amazing how things accumulate and you forget how you got 'em.

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    Ist verboten here.

    Try your local Craig's List or Facebook Marketplace.
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    The misc. stuff I have is really wooden/classic type stuff. I am now in South West Florida and not a huge WB crowd. I didn't want to get in trouble on this forum.

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    I think we've all got specialty gear that we no longer use and would love to sell, but I've found that local internet bulletin boards really don't get you a lot of exposure because there are few people in the market in any given neighborhood for, say, three inch lignam vitae deadeyes!

    I've often thought a forum section which permitted free posting of items for sale by subscribers of WoodenBoat magazine would be a valuable resource. I realize that WB sells advertising and doesn't want to set up a competing classifieds section, but I really think if it were limited to subscribers they'd probably get more new subscribers which would be a big plus. Secondly, there could be limits imposed to prevent competition with the WB Classifieds, such as 1) No commercial business advertising, 2) no "whole boats" listed for sale, 3) just "amateur" sales of "garage sale junk" permitted.

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    As a potential purchaser of such items, and a WB subscriber, I like this idea quite a bit.

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