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    Default This one could be fun

    Buying boats online from a few random shots of something that looks fast and wet is fine, right?

    Anyway, I'm going on a 9 hour round trip roadie to Napier this weekend to pick up a one of kind 8 metre plywood centreboard racing yacht.
    It may or may not fit in the sportsboat rules, but doesn't appear to be registered as one so is probably easier to race it as a keelboat.
    That will make her 9 metres, as the bowsprit and transon hung rudder are measured for keelboat racing, unlike sportsboats.
    I think it will still need new registration with yachting NZ.
    I've made a 67 item compliance list of things that will need to be checked or fitted for the Cat 5 racing safety regulation.
    It is self certifying, so just needs to be worked through.
    Starting with the potentially expensive dealbreakers. No point doing all the small stuff if I trip over on the key tests.
    First test is the righting moment pulldown test. She needs to bounce back from the masthead being dunked in the tide at the dock, sideways fully rigged (no sails up).
    It has a large looking lead bulb at 2 metres draft, so I'm reasonably confident of righting moment.
    Not capsizing from flooding hatches will be more interesting.

    Anyway, photos. We all love the photo's
    Well, I can't log in to my Flickr account, so I'll have to get creative.

    Let me know if these are visible.
    She's never gonna win a beauty contest, but that wasn't the point by the look.


    This and some other cockpit photo's is the one that got me interested.
    The name on the side is slightly different to a plaque inside, neither of which come up in Yachting NZ register.
    This gives me license to change the name I think.
    Badonkadonk is taken!

    I can halve the crew requirements from my other yacht Haumuri down to 4, and the general response to photo's from sailor buddies is "I'm in".
    The trailer is not for sale, but I can use it to get her home.
    I've got a mooring to use and she has fresh antifoul, so the pressure to sort a trailer is off. I would prefer to use a trailer long term due to the centreboard.

    Anyway, What can go wrong!
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