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Thread: Heading Out As the Fog Lifts

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    Default Heading Out As the Fog Lifts

    We can get some beautiful days in February on Puget Sound, assuming the fog lifts

    As I pulled into Everett today, the fog was thick. I puttered around the boat, built a fire, and waited for the fog to lighten.

    Around noon it did and I headed out. I had about a quarter mile of visibility and dodged some container ships at anchor (They look like islands on the radar)

    The fog started to lift. The south end of Hat Island still had wisps of fog:


    I headed north along the western side of the island. The fog was gone as I rounded the north end and the Cascade Mountains were out:


    A bit farther along and Mount Pilchuck loomed up:

    PXL_20220206_215420878 (3).jpg

    I headed back to the barn, enjoying a working waterfront with snow covered peaks behind it

    PXL_20220206_223458530 (2).jpg
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    Default Re: Heading Out on as the Fog Lifts

    Nice! What a concept being out on a boat instead of shoveling snow.
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    I took my first spin of the year yesterday as well, months of un utilized tide chart,what a shame.
    Same thing, ten am rolled around...still cold and dank.
    Launched at 11:30 feeling hopefull,,,nice day for 3 hours finally.
    This time of year no yahoos, no cop boats ,no waterkarens.

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    Default Re: Heading Out As the Fog Lifts


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    I really miss those calm inside waters. 25 foot swells right now outside the bar here.

    In the next couple of years i hope to start fishing the salmon season in SE Alaska. I dream of getting back to Puget Sound in the fall and gunkholing in those calm waters.
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