Hello all,

I am about half way through my Sommes Sound 12 1/2 project and I am getting ready to apply paint to the hull just before turnover. The planks are plywood laps that were coated in epoxy before installation (although much of it has been sanded off during filling/fairing). I plan to coat the planks and keel in 2-part epoxy primer before applying TotalBoat Wet Edge above the water line and TotalBoat JD Select ablative below.

My question is with regard to the transom and later on the other bright work (rails, seats, spars, etc.). My current plan is to use TotalBoat Wood Sealer on the transom, then TotalBoat Marine Wood Finish. My *initial* thought was was coat it in epoxy, but I understand it lacks UV protection.

Is Wood Sealer followed by Marine Wood Finish a good plan?

Is there perhaps a better option to coat over epoxy?

The transom is a very nice mahogany and I'm looking for durability.

Thank you!