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Thread: Aerodux 185 curing time

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    Default Aerodux 185 curing time

    I have used Aerodux 185 to glue a new uppermost board onto the forward transom of a Göteborgseka. Two hours before starting the glue job I covered the forward end of the boat with stryrofoam and a tarpaulin and put in an electric heater bringing up the temperature to approximately +20 degrees celsius at the glue joint.
    How long should I keep the heater going before I can let the glue joint temperature drop below the dreaded +10 degrees celsius puting an end to all hardening?

    I am working outdoors under a temporary shelter. The temperature varies between +5 and -10 celsius. Fairly comfortable for traditional woodwork but highly unsuitable for modern glues.
    Amateur living on the western coast of Finland

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    Default Re: Aerodux 185 curing time

    At 20 degrees, 4 hrs minimum clamping time for softwood. Longer for hardwoods or if it's going to be immediately stressed.

    It's 12hrs at 10 degrees if it drops overnight.

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