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So why the (expletive deleted out of long standing respect for Scot Bell) do you bring it up regularly, (expletive deleted out of long standing respect for Scot Bell)?
Because people like you constantly infer that I call him a POS for no reason at all (refer to Baxterís post above, or your many inferences). Youíll note perhaps that it always people like yourself that constantly bring it up, putting me in a position of response. His being a POS has nothing to do with the case, and I donít call him a POS because of what he did that day, but I also donít call him a victim. If he had no record of offences he still wouldnít be a victim. He just wouldnít be on my POS list. You have said that Iíve spoken ill of the dead, and that makes me unfit to live with decent people. In his case and in other cases of people like him, Iím fine speaking ill of them until the end of time. If you think I should think better of him, you arenít someone I would want to associate with. Some crimes I am willing to forgive over time or because of circumstances. His type of crime I am not.