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Thread: East coast boatbuilders?

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    Default East coast boatbuilders?

    I'm torn between trying to build an Oughtred Elfyn myself or hiring someone else to do it.

    If I do it, it would likely be (somewhat) cheaper but I have never built a boat before and at the very least, it would likely take a very long time. If I hire a boatbuilder, it would likely be better work and a shorter time.

    So if you were going to hire someone on the East coast to build an Elfyn for you, who would it be?

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    Default Re: East coast boatbuilders?

    Geoff Kerr in Vermont should be the man for you (Two Daughters boat works). He is an expert on IO designs. Check out his Caledonia Yawl building series in Off Center Harbor.
    The other suggestion would be to take a course at Wooden Boat School. It would give you a start. Geoff Kerr usually teaches a course there on glued lapstrake boat building.


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