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Thread: Removing dark stains in wood

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    Default Removing dark stains in wood

    I have ash shroud covers that have been varnished over the years. However where the varnish came off, the ash became dark. I am bringing these covers back to bare wood this winter before revarnishing and have done some light sanding, but the darkened areas seem to be deeper than a light sand. See attached picture.

    Is there any way to restore the dark stains back to their natural color without heavy sanding?

    Thank you.



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    Default Re: Removing dark stains in wood

    Oxalic acid would get it most of the way. Sometimes called wood bleach.
    May need a bit of a sand after that.

    An easier option you may have at hand is acetic acid. You might have some in the kitchen.

    You need to dilute them. 10:1 i think - best look that up.
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    Default Re: Removing dark stains in wood

    Citric Acid will work as well. Cheaper and less noxious than oxalic acid. Mix it with hot water and scrub it in with a stiff bristle brush. I use a fairly rich concentration. Hard to say what the proportions are, I just dump in enough til it looks right. Sorry I cant be more precise.

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