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    I was going through some of my late Mother's stuff when I came upon a box of Dad's mementos of WWII. Folded in the bottom was this, dated May 8th 1945.

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    We lived on a small farm outside town and Dad drove all four of us into town to celebrate by running up and down main street and blowing the horn. I was 14 and well appreciated the significance of the event while still waiting for the pacific war to end which did not appear to be as close as it was.

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    At that date,
    Granddad was missing presumed killed in the western deserts (he wasn't), one uncle was fighting in Burma, another was in the RAF in the UK, one uncle had been fighting in Europe.. Celebration was still to come...
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    Czechoslovakia was not a country you wanted to be in in 1945 if you were German. The post war reprisals were brutal.
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