Recently my wife and our parents went down to Ocracoke Island for a week long vacation. We stayed in a cottage on Lighthouse Road and had access to a dock at the southern end of the harbor, so of course I brought my sailboat. It was a pretty windy week, but I did manage to get out on a long daysail.

Heading across the Hatteras Inlet on the ferry Frisco. This one was built in 1990 and must have recently been painted because it was looking pretty good. Along the way we passed the Ocracoke which was built at the same time and it was looking really rough, kinda had the HMS Hermes returning from the Falklands vibe.

Getting everything rigged at the boat ramp. This is were I first launched the boat on a vacation in 2019. I was still mounting deck hardware the night before we left and I didnít even have time to test it out. Thankfully Iím much better prepared this time.

Sailing around to the entrance of Silver Lake. Apparently this harbor was just a shallow creek when Blackbeard was here in the 1700ís and it was later dredged out during the 1930ís and again during WWII.

Our cottage provided dock space at the southern end of the harbor. I need to improve my docking setupÖ I rarely dock so itís always a bit of an afterthought. The cleats on the quarters are fairly small since they usually only hold the sheet traveler.