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Thread: overhead beam for strongback - height/clearance?

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    Default overhead beam for strongback - height/clearance?

    Comparing the plans I have for the Welsford Tender Behind and the Norwegian Pram they have the strongback constructed slightly differently. The TB screws planks down to the strongback while the NP braces them from overhead. It seems like these methods are interchangable with the only differences being how many holes you put in your planks and if the top braces are potentially in the way. Is that accurate? The river dories I've seen built on strongbacks were always screwed down, but they get a ton of paint and fiberglass to cover up any holes.

    For the overhead bracing, is the height of the cross beam important beyond placing it high enough to be out of your way? Still unsettled on which of the two to build, but currently leaning towards the Norwegian with the overhead brace maybe 2' above the top of the transom. Any reason to think differently?

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    Default Re: overhead beam for strongback - height/clearance?

    You're on the right track. Top bracing is an old school building method, and relies on an external structure to brace from, usually the boat shop itself. If your space is conducive to this style, its an option. But I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to build the pram the other way.
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    Default Re: overhead beam for strongback - height/clearance?

    Norwegian top bracing
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