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    So, after 5 years (seems) of being boatless, perusal of Craigslist landed me... something. Took some looking to realize that it was a Iain Oughtred Elf. Owner said it needed "some work", but it's a wooden boat right?

    So, the photo above is what the owner posted. Apparently, it had been built nearly 20 years ago and had been stored.

    There's more to this story--just posting this to see if I can remember how to post.

    Michael Seitz
    Missoula MT

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    Well, a good looking boat with a fine pedigree. But, like anything that's a really "good" deal you know there's going to be some stuff to contend with.

    First thing was the trailer--a fine old Elgin of fine standing no doubt--40 years ago or more. Sadly, the torsion arm suspension had given up the ghost some odd decades ago, and were welded in place. Still, the tires looked good enough to get the boat out of Spokane and back to Missoula. They succeeded, but that is likely the last trip I'll make with it. For now though, the trailer is a convenient bench for the boat in my backyard.

    The biggest problem though, is that the boat spent 20 years stored somewhere. I believe that it spent a few years outdoors, as one side of the interior has been baked hard by the sun (which also didn't help the trailer tire on that side). The trailer also sat bow down for at least a year or two, with the resultant moisture rotting out at the keel from the rear of the centerboard case to the stem.


    Thus this post.

    Michael Seitz
    Missoula MT

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    Wow, nice! Wish I could find a "deal" on an Elf in my area - love that boat and hope to build one someday.....

    So, what are your immediate plans? Cut out the bad ply, or ?

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    So, scraping and sanding are sort of informing my way forward, but first:


    Varnish or epoxy? Plenty enough of it has come up.

    Still looks miserable along the keel for 2/3rds of the hull, but the rotted/affected area is mostly 6 inches wide. So, replace the entire bottom set of planks? Or fit a half wide plank in place? There are a couple places where a graving piece might work, but the hull is built of 9mm plywood, so not sure what to do.
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    Time to break out the heat gun and scraper and remove any of if that looks suspicious. I'd guess its epoxy. How much of the wood is actually rotten? Plywood tolerates patching well.
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    Consider putting half the bottom back together with two layers of 4mm Aqua Tek (meranti). One at a time.
    Don't be afraid of grinding in a lengthwats scarph, it need not be perfect for epoxy. Even a butt join with a long butt block is no problemo.
    I think it would be far easier than trying to bend in a partial plank of 9mm.,which may leave a "dent" .
    Looks like she was built with occoume...this is what it does.

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    From the pic your boat appears to be Joel Whites Shearwater. Very close to the Elf with a little less sheer.
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    Well emf, you appear to win the Faering Spotter of the Month award. So it may well be a Shearwater, I'll have to go out and take measurements but the mast partner as a separate part is a tip off. I think Wizbang has nailed the nitty gritty requirements of the repair though.

    More stuff to come.

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