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Thread: Sources for project boat?

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    Default Sources for project boat?

    I'm finishing up a 1962 Century Resorter that my late father-in-law found somewhere. I can't ask him where he found it since he died years ago.
    Anyway, I got the bug and I'd like to restore another wood runabout but what are the good sources for finding old ones in need of repair?

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    Default Re: Sources for project boat?

    Gator, I have no first-hand information, but would suggest Craigslist, any bulletin board at local marinas, the back rows at boat yards, etc. Other, more knowledgeable folks will be along shortly to add to or edit the list. Good luck with your search !!


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    Default Re: Sources for project boat?

    What Rick said.....

    Have found a number of nice "project boats" on my local craigslist - I even got 2 "free" sailboats from posting on CL that I was looking for a "sailboat project" a few years ago....
    Also, a Gibbs Rocket for $200 with trailer
    A Circraft saucer boat for $75
    A 1970 Mirror dinghy with trailer for $25
    A 1974 Fireball w/ alum trailer for $125

    The deals are out there!

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    Default Re: Sources for project boat?

    antique and classic boat society
    Yachting, the only sport where you get to be a mechanic, electrician, plumber and carpenter

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