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Thread: Chamberlain Dory Skiff Question

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    Question on the stability of the chamberlain dory skiff for the intended use. Was contemplating a new build and am interested in the chamberlain dory skiff for coastal inshore fishing and hand hauling a few recreational lobster traps. For solo rower primarily. Would like to seek opinions of those who own or have some experience with this particular design. The overall length conforms to certain docking constrictions (14) along with the constructability in current space available (for ease of winter project). I know a larger design such as the swapscott (16) would be a close second and leaps above in terms of probably all aspects but just curious of the dory skiff comparison. I would be building traditional with primary white pine planking and hackmatack knees found prevalent locally on the island. Thanks!
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    Wide bottom skiffs are much safer for hauling traps. You'll have buckets for bait and your catch which will take up space on the bottom. Leaning over the side and hauling a trap which may be heavy or snagged would be dicey in that design. Just my two cents.
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